Kids now know how to cut, copy, and paste. But many did not know who was the creator of this shortcut. America’s famous computer scientist Larry Tesler died at that age 74. Experts and researchers of the computer world mourned his death.

Computer Scientist Larry Tesler Creator of Cut Copy Paste
Computer Scientist Larry Tesler Creator of Cut Copy Paste

The renowned scientist died on Wednesday in Silicon Valley. Growing up in New York, this scientist is the creator of cut-and-paste and paste, with his hands out of the much needed commands like FIND, Replace. He has worked with companies like Apple, Amazon, Yahoo and Xerox. He has worked with Apple for about 5 years. He was a man very close to Steve Jobs, Apple’s late leader. He was the chief scientist of the company.

Larry began studying computer science at Stanford University. He was generally inclined towards human-computer interaction. That inclination leads him far. Discover the most important and most used command of the human being.

Mr. Tesler began working in Silicon Valley in the early ’60s, at a time when computers were not accessible to large numbers of people.

It was thanks to its inventions – which included “cut”, “copy” and “paste” commands – that personal computers became easier to learn and use.

Xerox, where Mr. Tesler spent some time in his life, paid tribute to him.

“There were inventions, finds and replacements and more of the cut / copy and paste,” said Larry Tesler, a former Xerox researcher, “the company tweeted. “Your working day is straightforward thanks to his revolutionary ideas.”

Mr. Tesler was born in New York in the Bronx, New York, and studied at Stanford University in California.

After graduation, he specialized in user interface design – which makes computer systems more user-friendly.