Google has announced that it has removed 600 apps from the Play Store for violating advertising policies. It also prohibits app developers from advertising its monetization platform. The decision comes as part of the company’s crackdown on mobile ad fraud and disruptive ads.

Google Has Banned Nearly 600 App From Play Store
Google Has Banned Nearly 600 App From Play Store

According to a recent BuzzFeed News report, Google has now removed nearly 600০০ apps from the Play Store and banned their developers from advertising fraud and disruptive mobile advertising. The banned developers include the infamous Cheetah Mobile. After a previous complaint by Cheetah Mobile, Google removed one of its objectionable apps from the Play Store but allowed the developer to continue the rest of its application. However, in the latest string of restrictions, Google has removed all of Cheetah’s mobile app platforms, and the app no ​​longer offers ads for sale on Google’s ad networks.

In a statement on the sanctions, veteran product director for Google Ad Traffic Quality, Per Bjরেকrrek told BuzzFeed News that removed apps, which have been installed about 1.5 billion times, targeted English-speaking users and were originally from China-based developers, Hong Kong, Singapore. And India. While Bjork declined to name specific apps or developers, he noted that many of the banned apps were utilities or games.

In a blog post on the subject, Google revealed that it has developed a new technology to protect Android users from Android ad serving applications. Most recently, the company has deployed an innovative machine-learning based approach to detect applications that show ads outside of the company. This new approach has helped the company extract 600 applications that have been banned in the latest wave. However, Google did not share a complete list of banned apps / developers. It is also noteworthy that the ban on China Mobile, a Chinese public-trade firm, has reduced its share price by 1.5%.

Remove apps০০ apps from the Play Store due to Google interrupted ads
Some developers are pushing ahead with mobile ads, Google says

Ads can feel aggressive, especially when served by unused apps. Google has banned this form of advertising and the search giant has banned only a handful of developers from doing so.

According to a blog post on Thursday, Google removed nearly 600০০ apps from its Play Store. The company said that the developers of the software violated the agency’s restrictive advertising policies and rejected international policies. Developers have also been banned from Google’s Adobe and Ad Manager platforms.

Android Creator defines disruptive ads as “ads that appear to users in unexpected ways, including vulnerability or interference with the usability of device functions.” An example of this is when someone is calling another person on the phone and an ad pops up for an app. Google says it found such applications by developing a machine-learning based approach.

News Source : GoogleBlog